Sift Heads World - Guide - Walkthrough
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Sift Heads World - Ultimatum

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Sift Heads World - Ultimatum

Being the most wanted bounty hunter has its disadvantages! Not surprising to have our three characters being chased by the police...

  1. (Get the police off your back but without killing them)
  2. Aim and shoot the front of the police car to blow their motor.
  3. Repeat for the second police car.

  4. (After shooting down both police cars Shorty will get shot by a third police on a bike, and Kiro will decide to intervene.)
  5. Press spacebar twice to break through the back window of the Shelby.
  6. (The Police will shoot at Kiro) Press on the right keys (W,A,S, or D) to avoid the bullets.
  7. (There will be a police ambush ahead) Press on the arrow keys to avoid crashing into the police cars.
  8. (Unfortunately, after Vinnie escapes the ambush Kiro will be intercepted by the police)

  9. (Vinnie made it to Darwen's house with Shorty injured)
  10. After talking to Darwen, pickup the assault rifle and eliminate all the henchmen outside, through the two windows of the living room.
  11. (Make sure you press spacebar to avoid getting shot)
  12. (After clearing the two windows another henchman will break into the house) Shoot him quickly.
  13. Go into Darwen's kitchen.
  14. You will find a health pack here.
  15. Shoot all the henchmen outside, through the two other windows of the kitchen.

  16. (Once you've cleared all the henchmen through the windows of Darwen's house, Darwen will tell you to finish those still breathing out in front)
  17. Walk out of the kitchen and outside.
  18. Shoot the three henchmen that are still breathing.

  19. Press spacebar to break open the Charger's window.
  20. Press spacebar to break open the electrical box.
  21. Connect the proper cables to start the Charger.

  22. (After Vinnie steals the Charger he will hear information about Kiro's capture on the radio)
  23. (Vinnie will intercept the convoy carrying Kiro) Quickly shoot one of the tires of the police SUV and both tires of the convoy, before they come crashing.
  24. (Vinnie will rescue Kiro)

  25. (Vinnie and Kiro will go after Alonzo in the Mafia's Warehouse)
  26. Scan the warehouse with the binoculars to spot all the posted guards. (There should be a total of 8 guards)
  27. Once you have spotted all the posted guards, take them all out with headshots only.

  28. Go into the warehouse. (Kill all of Alonzo's henchmen you encounter)
  29. Go through the first door of the warehouse.
  30. (You will be in a car garage) Go into the office to your left.
  31. Come back and go to the far room to the right.
  32. Walk through the hallways and open the door ahead.
  33. In front of the desk.
  34. Go to the far right.
  35. Kill all henchmen here. (Protect yourself using spacebar)
  36. Go outside using the door in the far corner of the warehouse.
  37. Shoot all the henchmen here. (Protect yourself using spacebar)

  38. Continue forward and grab the rocket launcher on your way.
  39. Take the stairs.
  40. (Make sure you protect yourself using spacebar) Shoot all the henchmen.

  41. (Alonzo will shoot you, while Kiro will kill Yuuma) Once you have your rocket launcher equipped, shoot in Alonzo's direction.
  42. (Alonzo will be injured in front of you) Press spacebar to finish him off.

You have completed Sift Heads World – Ultimatum and possibly unlocked some cool stuff ! Congrats!

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